Citroen - Fiat - Peugeot

Bosch Diesel EDC15C2

We are able to fully test & repair any of these units. Most of them can be decoded to run free from the immobiliser. We also stock replacements where necessary.


Citroen XM or Peugeot 406 2.1L Turbo Diesel with Lucas Epic system and XUDLC01 ECU with digital keypad immobiliser. We can reprogram your ECU to start and run the engine perfectly with the keypad removed permanently.

Siemens SID801A 2L HDI (Not SID801)

A new addition to those we can decode. Trials have been carried out on a number of different vehicles with great success. A total decode that functions permanently, allowing the vehicle to start and run perfectly even if the BSI is faulty.

Bosch Diesel EDC16C3

Intermittent non-start, starting issues when hot or cold, complete non start and no communications with diagnostic equipment or mis-fire on one or more cylinders, we can repair your unit. We can also decode your ECU to run free from the immobiliser (BSI). Information relates to 0281010390, 0281010707, 0281011089, 0281011090, 0281011233, 0281011234, 0281011558

Bosch Diesel EDC16C34

We are able to decode these to run free from the immobiliser. A fairly reliable unit these do not give many common problems on the vehicle.

Bosch Diesel EDC15C7

1.9L, 2L, 2.2L, 2.3L & 2.8L Common Rail Diesel ECU fitted to many light commercial vehicles, Citroen, Peugeot & Fiat. Also some Fiat JTD cars. These are frequently being seen here with immobiliser issues. We can repair or decode your unit in most cases.



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